#21337 Sunday outside

SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 2017

Soon it will be too hot for me to constantly update that I’m outside.  But not yet, so I was outside all day and it was perfect!!!!

Don got his chainsaw out and made me extremely happy.  That is one tool I will not attempt to use.  I do know my propensity towards clumsiness and I do value my arms and legs.

While raising our 3 girls, the  woods were slowly encroaching on us. When you spend all weekend at dance/cheer/art events, you are not gardening!  So no worries, I’m not clear-cutting.  I love being isolated in the woods.  I am just saying goodbye to lots of pine saplings.

Katie and Daniel’s niece, Emily, is spending some time with them this summer.  She is such a fun little buddy.  She worked like a trooper helping us.


She & I drove that tractor like a beast and then we played at the pond.  She has an eye for interesting details.  What follows are just pieces of joy we found wandering about.

We wondered if the spider and frog on adjacent lily pads were in a standoff. Neither of them moved for the longest time.

At dusk, I gathered some flowers and called it a weekend.  Exhausted and happy.  The gift of gathering these from my garden makes it all worthwhile.


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