#21354, Hydrant


For about six months, we’ve been chasing a leak.  Inexplicably, our water bill more than doubled.  We checked spigots, toilets, everything we could imagine.  Recently, I decided to install hangers for the water hoses around the outdoor hydrants.  We dug into the ground around one hydrant and hit mud.  Ah ha!

I love a challenge and I’m used to doing lots of repairs around here.  We are in the same house we built 30 years ago.  Lots of things are needing attention.  It’s just part of the deal you get when you decide to build your forever home at age 28.

However, we did have to get the right mind set to tackle this.  It was a deep muddy mess.


What we discovered was a big root growing between the hydrant and the turn-off valve.


The hydrant had a micro-leak;  just a teeny tiny drip that was adding up to big money.

After several hours of digging in the mud, cursing, and sweating, the leak is stopped!  Hooray for a husband who knows how to fix things.

Now if the water bill will decrease!



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