#21361, Don takes notice


This morning before finishing my first cup of coffee, Don hands me his iPad. “Pick one,” he says.  It’s open to a scrolling list of shower curtains on Amazon. In response to my bewildered look, he says, “Ours is disgusting.”  I burst out laughing.  HASHTAG TRUTH


More truth telling,  I hate house cleaning.  I doubt there are many people who love it, but there are people who manage to get a routine with it and keep it going.  People whose floors are always clean, and their shower curtains don’t get  “disgusting.”  I’m just not that person.  I’m a 58 year old woman who loves being outside.  I love projects, I love DIY things.  I can’t seem to get a routine with mopping and dusting and trash can emptying.  We don’t reach hazmat level dirty.  There isn’t mold or bacteria abounding; it’s just never a high on my to-do list.  In other words, it’s not a problem. It’s just a fact.

Come on over.  I’ll invite you in.  But forewarned, I’ll probably be sweaty and covered in something and also, the bathroom floor may need mopping and my bags from the work-week will be laying about.

Anyway, those are the facts that led to a “disgusting” shower curtain.  I’ve seen that shower curtain.  I knew it needed some attention.  But I generally noticed it when I was peeling off sweaty muddy clothes and getting clean enough to fall into bed.  Not the time to deal with a shower curtain.

So I took a look at Don’s iPad.

Another annoying trait of mine.  I have opinions about shower curtains.  I don’t want designs or patterns or colors.  I want the shower curtain to function the same way paint on a wall behaves.  Add something to the room, but don’t be the focus of my bathroom please.

The suppliers on Amazon do not share my opinions.  Nothing there I can live with.  So I quietly close the iPad and head upstairs.  I retrieve the “disgusting” shower curtain and drop it down the laundry chute (avoiding Don along the way).  Then in the laundry room, I drop the curtain in the washing machine with some hot water, detergent and White Brite.

In an hour or so, the shower curtain is bright and happy — not “disgusting.”

So Don can now shower in peace and it brings a smile to me as well.

Please don’t say Don he could have cleaned it.  He was solving the problem – with his Amazon Prime!

I’m on the lookout for a new curtain, but in the meantime, she’s still holding up!

*** I failed to get a picture of the offending shower curtain as it was hanging.  Here it is in the washing machine.


and now, re-hung and clean!



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