Starting something that has been on my mind for some time… Deserves a little explanation.

I moved to Westminster in August 1983 as a young bride.  This sweet small town became my forever home.  This community embraced me and it was here that I learned to be an adult. I’ve experienced all the milestones of adulthood while living in this town.  This place is my village, my community.  It holds my heart.

The recent and ongoing public fighting, dissension, and plain nastiness has me so disheartened and sad for our quaint place.  I’m not naïve.  I know there are valid issues and disagreements that need to be addressed. There are hurt feelings and betrayals of all kinds.  My heart weighs heavy with the sadness of it all because I know there are good people on all sides.  People who are working to improve the town.  People who believe they are doing what’s right.  But the ugliness has reached a level where our hearts and ears are shut.

Most of all, I keep lamenting, “This ugliness is not representative of my town.”  I’ve felt helpless to do anything.  I don’t live within the city limits so my ability to effect change is limited. However, we do have a business on the downtown street of Westminster; therefore, we are very invested in the town’s success.  More importantly, I know this town to be filled with wonderful, loving, supportive, caring people.

So I’ve decided to start a public gratitude journal of sorts.  In my personal life, I know that counting my blessings keeps my heart focused on the positives.  Keeps my head looking for positive action and out of negativity.  So I’m going to journal here.  I want to tell the stories of how the town of Westminster, SC brings me joy.

I invite you to share your stories of goodness, hope and just plain fun.  Use the hashtag #iloveWestminsterSC.  Of course, you don’t have to.  But I will.  I need to.  I want to lift up this town in love and light.  I love my neighbors and this place.   So first story later today….

One thought on “#IloveWestminsterSC

  1. Thank you! It’s uplifting just to know others do see the good in Westminster. Seeing the good is the only way we’ll move past this devastation. This “war” has became a game of “let’s see who I can hurt the most”. It serves no purpose for Westminster. Our pasts are simply that…gone. Thankfully we don’t live in our past and everyone needs to remember, they too have one. I fear Westminster has suffered a divide that will live for generations. Trust is a hard thing to rebuild. Westminster is my hometown and #iloveWestminsterSC!


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