12/23/2016 #iloveWestminsterSC because…


I am grateful for my friends at the Post Office.  It occurred to me today that they are the magic behind Christmas.  I mean think about it.  For .47 cents, we can send some love through a Christmas card.  For less than $20, I was able to get all of Anne’s Christmas to Nashville.  That is such a great blessing.  Actually, the entire postal system is quite a miracle.

Our friends at the Westminster post office are simply the best.  They are so willing to help me.  Without exception, when I go to the post office I need help.  They just chuckle, we have a laugh and get through it.  Once, I made a package to send to a child and it was supposed to include her passport.  They found the passport sitting on the counter after I’d left.   Yep, I packaged everything else and  left the passport sitting on a counter.  They saved the situation.

Inevitably when I rush in and out, I leave things behind.  One time in particular, they knew I was headed to work.  They called Donald and got my wallet to him.

My stories are probably more ridiculous than others, but I’ve been observed them with others. They exhibit patience in situations where a mere mortal would run screaming in frustration.

So a huge shout-out and a thank you to all the Postal workers at Westminster. #iloveWestminsterSC because my visits to the Post Office are a source of happiness.

** Just a note.  I asked permission to take and use the selfie.  So know, I won’t just randomly post your picture to the world.  I do appreciate their willingness to play with me today!


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