01/05/16 – #IloveWestminsterSC


Vacations for me as a child typically involved long roads trips.  We lived in North Carolina and routinely drove to visit our Alabama kin.  Before the onset of carseats, child safety laws, and mandatory seatbelts, we could wallow all over the car.  In an effort to maximize space and avoid the incessant teasing and provocations from my brother, I made pallets in the back seat floor board.  It was there that I read and slept to pass the time.  It was on that floor board that I would wait for the rest stops.

We would begin our 9 hour trip before sunrise and my mother packed enough food to get us from North Carolina to my aunts’ kitchens in Livingston, Ala by suppertime. Instead of fast food options that now dot the interstates, there were picnic spots along the way. It was at these spots, that we could “stretch our legs and eat a bite.”

Westminster, SC has one of these pull off picnic spots.  You don’t see these places much anymore.  Generally, they’ve been eliminated to make room for more efficient offerings of fast food chains and convenience stores.

But I love this little spot.  I drive by it several times a day.   I watch for activity at this little picnic table on the side of the road.  There is even a state sign, that invites travelers to stop.  How sweet is that!

I see people there.  I see them using it.  Not as often as I hope, but it does get used.  For me, it’s a quaint reminder of days gone by.  It brings back memories of childhood trips and a time when all that mattered was the trip to family.

Yesterday, I took the time to stop and walk around.  To sit at the picnic table and watch the cars go by.  I think Westminster is a pretty special place to invite travelers passing through to stop, take a break and just rest in our outdoor space.   #IloveWestminsterSC because in the fast pace of 2017, Westminster subtly says, “Take a break. Enjoy the day. We offer you a space to just be.”

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