01/17/17 #IloveWestminsterSC


This is my rush hour traffic!  Isn’t it great! I know. I know.  I’ve heard all the small town, rural jokes. And yes, it is a legitimately understood tardy at the schools when you tell them you got behind a tractor.

I live less than a mile from the center of my sweet hometown. I am completely surrounded by rolling pastures, peaks of the foothills, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets and ample night sky to see the stars.  In 5 minutes, I have access to all the amenities needed to live a lovely life.

Yes, I have to drive 40 minutes to get to the nearest Target.  Costco is not nearby and a fully decked out mall is about 60 minutes away.  But seriously, who needs that when you get to see baby cows in the morning!!!!

The way I see it, I’d rather live in nature everyday and be required to drive into “civilization.”  Because the other option, is to LIVE in a city and then plan my escapes to nature.

My mother could not believe that in my twenties, I was choosing to move to a small town.  She grew up in Belmont, Alabama, est. population 500, where her father was the country doctor.  The school teacher lived with them and they were often paid in the form of pigs & produce.  In order to go to high school, she moved into her sister’s home in the booming metropolis of Livingston, Alabama, est. population 3485.

When she and my father wed, they landed in Atlanta and the smallest community after that was Spartanburg, SC.  She loved the hustle and bustle of city life.  She thrived in the communities and grew her circle of friends. She found her communion with people and with activity.  Understandably, she was surprised and worried for me.

At the risk of being cheesy, my soul expands in nature.  Being outside, seeing the land, watching nature, it creates “Aaah” moments for me.

So I offer this to you.fullsizerender  If you need a place to breathe, if you feel your jaws clenched, if you find yourself raging at the car in front of you, get on Highway 123 and drive almost to the SC/Ga border.  There you will find a friendly little town that can soothe your soul.  And the cows are very welcoming! #IloveWestminsterSC because it is here that I am renewed.

P.S.  Cows courtesy of Arnold Farm, Reid & Jan Arnold, Rusty Nutall

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