THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017

Just a long busy day.  I’m leaning into the weekend!

My sister and nieces are at the world Odyssey of the Minds event.  Facebook has never served us better.  Our family is getting play by play pictures and can watch a lot of their participation through FB Live.  But my favorite picture is of them sleeping.  Identical twins turned in to each other.  They are just like puppies.  Their parents don’t really want their picture all over the internet so I’ve cropped this picture, but I think it still shows their yummy little sweetness!

twinsSo this week in particular, it’s Hooray for Facebook!


The month of May has me in the yard until dark, also know as 9:30 pm.  It’s spring and I feel the urgency to get things accomplished for the swelter of summer .  Every night I come in filthy but satisfied.  My favorite tool is this bad boy.  I am a girl that LOVES a tractor!

If you want to surprise your text buddies and up your texting game, download the app Bitmoji.  Take the time to design “yourself.”  Then you have a whole new set of emojis designed yourself.  It’s totally silly and surprisingly fun!


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