FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2017

A full day.

Morning run and the rabbits were out playing.


queen anne's lace 2




Queen Anne’s Lace blooming.







A really nice time at lunch. Sitting outside in the perfect weather with colleagues who are generally 25+ years younger but they invite the crazy old lady to lunch.  Lots of fun and laughter for me.

Georgia & Spencer are home for the holiday weekend and brought their cutie pootie puppy, Aspen. Katie & Daniel are at a music festival so we are dog watching for them.  It’s a dog farm around here… And they all think they are lap dogs!


Dinner at Puerto in town.  Visited with lots of friends.  No one wanted to cook on this  Friday night!  If you happen to go there, order “The Marjorie.”

Finally, I’m having trouble sleeping because I’m desperate to know if the @EverestNoFilter guys have reached the Summit.  I’ve been following them on SnapChat for a year, since their last summit run.  They are on the push right now and attempting to summit without the assistance of oxygen!  I’m fascinated by Everest and this is truly a gripping story for me!!!

Lots of nice slices of happy today…

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