#21330 – Sunday Funday

SUNDAY, MAY 28, 2017

Awoke to rain.  Lots of rain.  I’m always surprised.  Seems I don’t pay enough attention to the weather.  Don says, “Well, that’s what the weather app/weatherman said.”  Sigh.

At the Campbell Pond doggie daycare, I opened the door and Allie, the Tasmanian westie slips out the door.  She is a digger and loves to chase the squirrels, chipmunks, lizards, etc. so out the door she went.  And I’m chasing after her….. in the rain.  I sneak behind her, reach to grab her.  She slips through my fingers.  I end up with this….IMG_8678

Pretty much the story of my life.  Eventually, she and I end up soaked but inside.

Don herds us all to the gym.  If it’s raining, might as well be productive inside.  These two youngsters climb the rope with no problem.  There are no pictures of my attempts.  One day, one day…..

The rain stops and we head to Clayton, Ga.  This is our home away from home, especially in the summer.


When we arrive back home, we cook the first tomato pie of the summer.  These are a summer staple and how I actually know the summer is here.  Well, margaritas are a good harbinger as well.


We finish the tomato pie just in time to watch 60 minutes where I see my dear friend, Ben Skardon, tell the story of his time in Japanese POW camps and the heroism of his friends, Otis Morgan and  Henry Leitner

60 minutes

His story is such an important story to tell and he is a captivating story teller.  But the things I love most about this man are not simply the elements of this brave and awe inspiring story.

I love that he makes the stiffest drink I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking.  He loves listening to music.  He collects stamp. He can identify varieties of camellias. He recites poetry. And he can eat his weight in oysters!!!

And that seems a perfect end of a nice Sunday.

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