#21331 – Memorial Monday

MONDAY, MAY 29, 2017

Flags are flying.


Don brings out my dad’s Winchester.  A gun his Navy Reserve squadron gave him upon his retirement.  I think the story is, when Navy fighter pilots were out of bombs, etc., they would say “I’m down to my Winchester.”   I don’t think I knew we had this gun, but now I’ve very sentimental.  Folks, listen to your parents when they tell their stories.  Thank God, Don listened to all Dad’s stories.  He can recite my father’s entire military history.  My eyes kind of glazed over and I never understood what he was talking about exactly.  But Don has the stories and can relay them to us.  Sons-in-law are important!!!

We live on a gravel (dirt) (muddy) road.  Three of us spent an inordinate amount of time digging trenches, hauling dirt, scraping the road.  I mean A LOT of time.  Hours and hours and hours. Road is much much better.  My friends with paved driveways won’t think so, but hey, at least you can get to my house without 4-wheeler now. This little section took hours of Daniel deep in the hole, digging that grate out of mud!


With my short attention span, I was discovering other things while working  Hundreds of these little guys scampered out after one pass of the box scrape.


The afternoon rain came and stopped us in time for several ice cold beers, more tomato pie.

After dinner, I garnered just enough energy to sneak out and stack the concrete blocks on that damn wall.  Ready for rock!!!


Time to get back to my real job… life on the farm is exhausting!

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