#21341, Thursday


Heading out of town for the weekend.  Maggie, the miracle dog, convinced us that our pups need supervision when we are out of town.  We are trying out Foolish Heart Farm that some friends recommended.  Maggie and Delilah go to daycare today to see if they are “suitable” for the kennel.  I like this.  I like the fact that they screen their clients.  I hope my doggies pass!  These two girls are just some of the sweetest pups on the planet so I’m sure they will be fine.

When I arrive home, I find this stray kitten hanging out by the chicken yard.  I like cats if they roam the outdoors.  So I put out some food.  Hope I’ll be able to catch her, get her some shots and she can become a farm cat for us! She won’t let me near her yet.  I’m up for the challenge!



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