#21342, Friday

FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 2017

Dropped Maggie and Delilah off at their boarding center (they passed the test!).  Allie goes to Nellie’s to play with her for the weekend.

Hurrying at work to get things accomplished. But there is never too much hurrying around here.  The tractor and the Rambler set the pace.IMG_8999I arrive home to find that Samson has pooped the floor. Yep, that’s right.  My dog is a nervous pooper. So stressed at being left home alone, he can’t stand it.  He saw me putting Delilah’s harness on her earlier.  He knows that means a trip is in store.  I’m convinced he thought we’d left him home alone.


We get to Columbia in time for dinner.  Stopped off at my sister’s.  The slack line is an immediate hit.

Cantina 76 is a favorite place.  My sister joins us for dinner. Best margaritas!! I started with Strawberry Basil and ended with Jalepeno! I should venture out and try other things on the menu, but I always go for the Peruvian shrimp taco.

When we FaceTime my brother. He’s still on a plane — at 9:30 on a Friday night. That man works too damn much! Then we FaceTime Anne, I love her happy face.


We all pile into Georgia’s apartment for the final night there!  Big day tomorrow.

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