#21346 Leg Day

TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017

#TheGARAGE864 warned us last week that it would be leg day (all week).  Here we go.  I will be sore!!!!

Day 2 of Orientation at Clemson is the day of Course Registration.  Our IT area is rolling out new security measures, so we are accessible during orientation sessions to offer help if needed.  I have to say, these kids have it going on.  They rarely need our help.  It does give me a good opportunity to walk around the campus.

I have a personal goal of visiting each of the buildings on campus before I retire. I’m getting there but Clemson will need to slow down the rapid construction taking place!

My favorite place on campus is the library.  I simply love libraries.  The smell of books, the quiet working, all the little alcoves, the mixture of old and new.  I would love to work in a library.  It’s a place where you can be publicly alone.  People everywhere, but people respectful of the thinking that is taking place.

Day ended with a nice walk around the farm and little work on the rock wall.

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