#21350, When in Clayton…


It’s Father’s Day weekend…… so we are in Clayton.

Confession, big secret here,  I’m a homebody and a creature of habit.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be spontaneous and fun, but I am not.  Okay, I can be fun — if I schedule it.

Last year for Father’s Day, I was determined to do something different so I scheduled some fun.  Because I’m sure Don wants to have more fun, but he’s married to me – the fuddy duddy. It was my gift to Don – me being fun.

We went to Fortify in Clayton for dinner.  I promised I would be the designated driver and we headed up Hwy 76.  It’s not too far but it felt far because we hadn’t been that way in forever.  We drove past Long Creek, past Bull Sluice on the Chattooga River, past Kingwood Golf Course.

Dinner was beyond delicious, but the best part was exploring the streets.  Obviously we had a blast and Clayton has become our adopted town.  WE HAD FUN!!!!

We returned this Saturday. To celebrate Father’s Day and the anniversary of me trying to learn more about fun.  Clayton never disappoints.  This town knows fun.


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