#21351, Father’s Day… in pictures (mostly)

SUNDAY, JUNE 18, 2017

IMG_9256Either the first or one of the first Father’s Day that Don celebrated, I gave him that bronze statue.  He has never let me live it down.  What man wants a bronze statue of a child with her finger pressed to her lips and standing on a chair?!  Now it is our primary Father’s Day decorations.

The rest of this day centered around food.

An enormous Father’s Day breakfast of Bloody Mary’s, grits, eggs, tomatoes and fried chicken livers.



Dinner was pizzas.  Fresh dough and then smoked in the Green Egg.  Goat cheese, peppers, bacon.  What’s not to love.  Katie and Daniel joined us and that was the end of a nice day.


A better Father’s Day than the one where he got a statue.

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