#21356, Slow and steady

FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017

I spend my life with a constant To Do List.  It’s not a great virtue, but I love lists and I love checking things off.  The down side is I’m never finished and I’m always working on the next thing.  It’s very hard to get me to stop and enjoy the fruits of the labor.

Today, there were turtles everywhere.  I guess the rain last night got the turtles moving out of their hiding places.img_9396


I stayed out of the way and watched them move. Turtles set their path and take their time.  I don’t know much about turtles’ natures and habitats but I did watch these guys.  Their simple presence caused me to slow down, to enjoy the beauty of God’s creations.  Their mere beings reminded me to take the time to enjoy the journey.  There is so much around me and in my life.  The beauty of where I live, the abundance of love from family and friends.  That’s what I need to set my heart on…not the clearing of a list.

Again and again, that lesson.  Again and again, I try anew.


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