#21358, Seersucker Sunday

SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2017



Today, at church we celebrated our hero, our legend, our beloved Southern Gentleman, Colonel Ben Skardon.  Ben is known for his dapper style and his signature seersucker suit. He celebrates his 100th birthday on July 14th.  But today was the day that our church family wished him well.

I’m not going to attempt to retell his story because I could never do it justice.  But you can learn about him here:

60 minutes article

60 minutes video

The Clemson Ring story

And here he is interviewed by a great niece and tells many of his personal stories .

Now to be honest, the best part of this day is just to be with Ben and the great communion of saints.  My soul is happy in the pew.

As I look beside, before and behind, God is with us.






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