Monday, July 10, 2017

Farm scenes… beauty and stillness….




Then there is my real life.

On a routine trip to Home Depot, I locked the keys in the car.  In my defense, I was in Don’s truck so I wasn’t exactly walking through my normal day, but yep, through the truck window I could see the keys perched on the seat.  A call to AAA and the locksmith was on his way.  Only after the AAA call did I let Don know I’d be later than expected.

The alarming aspect of this blunder is simply the practiced manner in which I handled the problem.  Not my first rodeo.  I know the drill.  And that gives me pause.  This distracted problem can only get worse.  One day, I will be the woman wandering along Hwy 123 because I ran out of gas or forgot where I parked. Yikes.



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